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Anxiety has always been a part of my life.

I think the panic attacks started in kindergarten. I remember being afraid of my parents forgetting about me and just leaving me there. I would cry in despair and look for the teacher’s reassurance.

Unfortunately, my teacher wasn’t the best at dealing with this type of behavior. Instead of attempting to call me down, she would hold my wrists and threaten me, saying: “If you keep crying, I’ll put you in the nursery, where you can be with other babies”.

Well, this only added up…

And fight the promotion of self-objectification

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Like many other girls, I grew up not liking my body. Starting at a very young age, I was told that I should lose weight. That meant I couldn’t eat what every other kid was eating at school and that all the adults kept track of my size.

Maybe because of that, I remember clearly the first time I was put on a “proper” diet. I was eight and was told to stop eating bread, drinking milk, enjoying butter, or even raw fruit.

A couple of weeks in, I eavesdrop on a conversation between my skating coach and my mother…

Without being a pain in the ass

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I started to flirt with the idea of being plant-based when I was about 14 years old. I don’t remember how or why, but back then, I came across some articles which defended that a cow’s milk wasn’t supposed to be consumed by humans.

Curious about this premise, I started reading about the nutritional value of milk. According to my research, this beverage — that I grew up loving — was bad for you, and I wanted to tell everyone about it.

I remember clearly the first time I tried to educate someone about it. It was in science class…

Do they?

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I was touching myself the other day.

Not in a sexual manner.

I didn’t want to masturbate. Masturbation disturbs me.

I was, simply, looking at myself in the mirror, touching my skin.

I had less fat on my back. My hips were slimmer.

I know this because I constantly take pictures of myself. To register “progress”. To know if I look “prettier”.

A few minutes later I went to the balcony, and I decided to just look.

I recalled that neighbor that I once, accidentally, saw naked. I started guessing is life and manners.

And I thought of…

Some tips and tricks to improve your articles

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In my last year of college, most of my classes were destined to teach us — aspiring journalists — how to be freelancers or how to start our own business.

Our professors would remind us, again and again, that the industry was in crisis and that if we wanted to earn any money, we better try and sell some articles to magazines or even begin a podcasting project.

At the time, I dismissed all of that and decided that I would take a master's in sociology and forget journalism forever. …

The things I wish I was told when I started dating

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Via Freepik

I have struggled with anxiety pretty much all my life.

I started seeing a therapist when I was eight years old and, by age 17, I was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder aka the good old OCD.

My OCD can be better described as “pure O”, meaning I don’t engage in many physical compulsions. My biggest problems stay inside my head.

The obsessions vary in theme, but the most dreadful ones relate to the thing I fear most: dying alone. Because of that, I have experienced some terrible relationship OCD — I have questioned myself about how I feel about my…

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A career as a journalist isn’t, usually, well regarded by families and friends. They might tell you the employment rate is low, that newspapers are closing, remind you that some people don’t even trust the news, and that entire governments attack reporters.

Unfortunately, on that matter, they are (partly) right; at least the data available says so.

According to a paper published by Pew Research Center, the number of newspaper newsroom employees has, actually, dropped by 51% between 2008 and 2019, from about 71,000 workers to 35,000.

Moreover, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the “overall employment of…

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The year 2020 has been full of unprecedented events. It started with nuclear tension, then Australia was burning and, then, came the pandemic.

People all over the world were forced to stay home and deal with their families, their jobs, and — most importantly — themselves, in a confined space. We had to learn how to conjugate our work life with our personal life, whilst dealing with the possibility of getting infected with a mostly unknown virus.

Some people dealt with uncertainty better than others. …

Inês Messias

A Portuguese freelancer journalist who likes to talk about her mental health

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